We are leading company in this field, And provide specific our every customers.


Introduction to us and activities

Måne Byggservice began working with the aim of doing all the work and satisfaction of the citizens’ needs in various executive areas.
This complex offers different services in different types of construction, technical and installation jobs, civil engineering, interior design and exterior beautification, technology and intelligence, etc., and despite their experienced and specialized staff, they try to provide the highest quality and most services compared to Make Partner Companies Available for all.

Decoration and construction services

Måne Byggservice covers all issues in your home in such a way that from the beginning of the matter, ie. the beginning of the construction of the project to the completion of the work, it is by your side and finally when you need to renovate, repair, install, clean, move and replace It will take the necessary steps at your request in the shortest possible time and with specialized staff in it desired area.

Relocation services

With high quality, we efficiently and flexibly do most things in moving and transport!
We put you as a customer in focus and our goal is to be able to offer you the best possible service. The company that is making strong progress and then the most important thing is that you as a customer are really completely satisfied after completing the assignment.

Civil and construction services

From the beginning to the completion of the project can be your help and objects such as construction and construction, masonry, painting, ceramic tiles, plaster and plaster, glass and mirror work, PVC doors and windows, Provides installation and repair of parquet, wallpaper, suspended ceilings, etc.

Services related to installation, commissioning

inspection of various electrical appliances, electronics, cooling, heating and. Also provided. Services related to the garden and green areas such as snow removal, care and spraying of flowers and plants, as well as cleaning and catering and all services for setting up meetings according to your schedule are possible.

Technical and installation issues

To perform technical and installation issues is provided by the experienced staff from Måne Byggservice AB with the highest technical quality.